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Coach's Goals has been created, simply to provide Soccer Coach's easy access to some information, tools and maybe 
 some useful ideas. Most of us aren't full time Coach's but we all want to give the kids our best. Many volunteer 
 just to help out but don't know much about soccer or where to get information. 
 As a Coach and a Referee, I have a unique perspective of all aspects of the game. I also work with league admistrators
 further enhancing my understanding. It drives me crazy to not know the answers so I do a lot of research and communicate   
 regularly with parents, referee's, coach's, league administrators, soccer vendors, etc. The information in Coach's Corner 
 is the result. OK! I'm a soccer geek but hopefully that's to your advantage.    
The information contained in Coach's Goals is not to be deemed official, except where links to official sites are provided.
You're on your own when you go to a linked page. We are only sharing what we've found and are not liable for your or their 
actions. You are more than welcome to use whatever you choose and just as welcome to disregard anything you disagree with.
We try to make everything easy to understand and even enjoyable to read so if we appear a little informal, please don't be 
offended. Feel free to share this information with anybody you'd like to or direct them to the site. It can be a useful 
instruction tool and resource for your players, their parents, other Coach's, referees etc. 

It's all about the kids and to that goal, we're all in this together. If you have a technique that has helped you and/or 
your players, or any other helpful resource, please let us know so we can share it. Coach's Corner is an as my wife and time 
allows information source so we'll make no promises we can't keep but we hope we can help to make your coaching experience
a little easier as you strive for excellence.

Good Luck and thank you for your efforts, giving kids the gift of your time and commitment. It's an honorable investment.