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OVERTIME:  A winner must be determined


The winner of a coin flip will determine if they would like to start on offense or defense during the 1st OT period.


 Each team will begin at the twenty yard line and have up to four plays to score more points or gain more yards than the opposing team to win the game.


 If a team turns the ball over (i.e. interception) all yards gained prior to turnover are nullified.


Once a team gains more yards than the other team, that team wins, and the game is over.

For example, team one runs four plays and gains 10 yards. Team two runs one play and gains 11 yards, the game is over, and team two wins.

It is not necessary to run all four plays to win the game.


 All penalty yardage gained by offensive team is included when determining what team gained more yardage.


If both teams score the same amount of points (or gain the exact amount of yards), a 2nd overtime period will be played. 


The team that was on offense first during the 1st OT period, will start on defense for the 2nd OT period, and so forth.