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Volunteers must display identification badge in order to remain on the field/court with the children. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Only a Head Coach and 1 Assistant Coach allowed on sideline.

Teams without a coach with a City-issued ID card on game days can result in forfeiture of a game. Games forfeited due to this rule cannot be protested.

No heckling of any Player, Coach, or Referee, shall be permitted in any division.

TEAMS Maximum of 10 players on Roster - Minimum of (4) to start, complete and finish a game. Upon arrival. fifth player will immediately be placed into the game. Teams with 5 or more players present must keep 5 players on the court at all times.

SUBSTITUTIONS Coaches must play every player a minimum of one full quarter per half. Players must play the entire quarter that they play in. Coaches cannot substitute players once a quarter starts. Coaches can substitute players before an overtime period. No player may play in all four quarters when there are seven or more players present for both teams at a game.
In the event that one or both teams have six or fewer players at any game, coaches of both teams are only required to play every player one full quarter per half. If a player arrives before the start of the second quarter, both coaches must follow substitution rules accordingly to the number of players at that time. If a player arrives after the start of the second quarter, both coaches will continue their substitution pattern as to the number of players they started the game with.
Note: Regardless of the number of players in attendance at a game, every player attending a game must play one quarter in each half.

PLAYING RULES Five fouls disqualifies a player for the remainder of the game. The 8 & under Boys and 10 & under Boys and Girls divisions will be allowed five seconds in the key area, all other divisions three seconds.

Free Throw Lines are as follows: 8 & under/10 & under boys and girls divisions….…...12 feet / All other …..15 feet

Full court guarding will be permitted in all divisions except 8 & Under Boys and 10 & under Boys and Girls. (Full court guarding WILL be permitted in the last two minutes of the second and fourth quarters for 8 & under and 10 & under divisions.)

In all divisions, if a team is ahead by twenty points or more, teams are not allowed to full court guard.

Teams violating the full court defense rule will receive warnings for first two violations. On the third violation a technical foul will be called on the bench. Any player on the floor will shoot one foul shot and the team will take possession of the ball at mid court. All subsequent violations will continue with one foul shot and possession of the ball at mid-court.

On the seventh team foul the opposing team will shoot the one and one bonus foul shots, and on the tenth team foul the opposing team will shoot two foul shots.

Double-teaming is allowed. Triple teaming is not allowed. Both man-to-man and zone defenses are allowed.

Fouls: Flagrant foul: Ejection from game and suspension from next game. This shall also be noted on game sheet. Second flagrant foul per season: Suspended from league for balance of season. Intentional fouls will result in 2 foul shots plus possession of the ball, regardless of a made basket or not. Possession will be at nearest spot of where foul occurred. Two technical fouls in one game will result in a player or coach being ejected from the game. This ejection shall carry with it an automatic suspension from the following game.

There will be three-point shots for the 12 & under boys, 13 & under girls, 14 & under boys, and boys 17 and under divisions, if the gymnasium hosting the game is marked with a three-point line. If there is not a three-point line, there will be no three-point shots. There will be no three-point shots in all other age divisions.

17U Division Only In the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter, if a timeout is called by the team in possession of the ball (or after a made basket by the opponent), the team has the option to inbound the ball at half court.

LENGTH OF GAMES - 14 & under boys and 17 & under boys play four 8 minute running quarters. All other divisions play four 7 minute running quarters.
In all divisions, clock will stop for the last two minutes of the fourth quarter for all dead ball situations.
Overtime: There shall be only one two-minute overtime for any game with a tie score at the end of the 4th quarter. THE GAME CLOCK WILL STOP FOR ALL DEAD BALL SITUATIONS. Full court pressing will be allowed for all divisions during the overtime period. If the game is tied at the end of the overtime period, the game will remain a tie and no additional overtime periods will be played.
Each team will have 3 full one-minute time outs and 2-30 second time outs per game. One additional time out will be given for the overtime period.
All games must start promptly as scheduled with the exception of the FIRST game of a weeknight, which will have a 10-minute grace period. Forfeiture occurs after the grace period. (All weekend games do not have a grace period.)

EQUIPMENT - Players must wear the jerseys supplied by the Leisure Services Department. Sneakers must be worn during any practice or game. No hard casts may be worn in games or in practices.
No jewelry or hair clips may be worn during a game and eyeglasses must be tied.
PENALTY: Individual will not be allowed to participate in the game.

Referees shall have complete authority over the game, players, coaches and spectators; they may expel any player, coach or spectator for indecent language, unsportsmanlike conduct, or any infraction of rules. Refusal of expelled player, coach or spectator to leave the “GYMNASIUM” within 2 minutes will constitute a forfeit.
Officials will wear distinctive uniforms equipped with a whistle and a rulebook. Referees will be responsible for inspecting playing surface irregularities and sideline hazards prior to game. Referees will also check player’s equipment and uniforms to determine if they are acceptable. Referees are instructed to discuss any matter in question ONLY with the Head Coach, NOT an Assistant or League Administrator. One referee will be allowed to officiate a game in all divisions. Coaches SHALL NOT demand the removal or the scheduling of a particular referee/official.

The Referee is the official timekeeper. When substitutions are made, it is the coach’s responsibility to notify the other coach or scorekeeper.
After substitutions have been made, and in the event of injury or ejection for disciplinary purposes to a player, a substituted player may re-enter the game to replace the injured or ejected player, provided all other eligible players have previously entered the game at that point. The opposing coach will select the replacement player. Player ejected from the game is not eligible for re-entry.