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Welcome to the DO IT NOW Equipment Solutions Center

Before we take a peek at the toys, there are some things you should know

We have chosen our manufacturers very carefully. Every product on this page will give you reliable performance at a price that makes sense, warranty included. We choose to offer "Made in America quality equipment at Made in Taiwan Prices" rather than "Made in Taiwan equipment at American Prices". The issue isn't whether or not the equipment works because most of them do. The issue is more in the value for your dollar. The result ... better equipment at a better price ... everybody wins. Equally as important to us, is goal oriented selection. If you need all the bells & whistles ... you got it ... if you just want to record a conversation (or whatever) we'll affordably meet you at your point of need.

To start with, you can play on hold messages with anything you can listen to music through headphones. CD and MP3 Players are popular, lower cost options. Just make sure you get one that runs on A/C power or you'll never believe in the Enerzapper Bunny again. Also make sure you get a mono cable to connect it to your phone system. There are convenience & maintenance issues to consider with these options. In most cases, you'll have a "household" quality device with moving parts so, there's replacement costs to consider. Then there's sound quality issues. CD heads require occasional cleaning and your player output may or may not match well to your phone frequencies, primarily in regards to bass & high pitch's. Then there is the mad dash to the telephone room every time the power goes out to restart and adjust the volume....

Many customers prefer digital players with "Flash" memory that preserves the recording on a digital memory and automatically restarts when power returns, at the appropriate volume. Of course, they're all A/C powered, require no maintenance, come with the appropriate interface cable and mounting hardware. The units we recommend are all commercial grade and matched specifically to phone frequencies so you always sound great. The only real drawback is the initial price but their high mileage tendencies makes it a very sound investment.

Now for the TOYS

Price changes from the manufacturer, may result in a price increase or decrease and may not be reflected in the pricing below. Please call to confirm.

TECH Support

Most of the products here are quite easy to install and we're always happy to "walk" you through the process.

If you need help ... please don't hesitate to call.

No Charge

For our customers that prefer to just have it installed, or for problems not related to our equipment,

We're happy to help for a Flat Rate Service charge rather than a Service + Hourly.


Flat Rate

Total Control Marketing at your fingertips

The perfect blend of economy and productivity

Advertise what you want  ... when you want
Change your messages on demand
Meet hot market conditions head on



2 Line Phone System On Hold Converter

Convert all your standard phones, including all extensions,

Into on hold marketing portals with one compact, simple to install, adaptor.



4 Line Phone System On Hold Converter

Convert all your standard phones, including all extensions,

Into on hold marketing portals with one compact, simple to install, adaptor.



Convert multiple HT878 phones (see below) to ON HOLD marketing portals.

The AS702 works with other phones as well and is one of several "model specific" adaptors available.

Let us know the model of your phones and we'll find the most compatible adaptor.



2-Line Phone - Great for Office, Shop and Home Office

Available with or without on hold capabilities.

Great features - Happy price

Two Line Phone with Hold Key * Flash * Mute * Last Number Redial * 13 Memory SPEED Dialing * In-Use LEDS for each line (Flashes when ON HOLD) * Ring Indicator LEDS for each line * Ringer On/Off Switch * Speakerphone & Volume Control * 3 Party Conference * Tone or Pulse dialing * Hearing Aid Compatible * L1-L2 Mod Jack and L2 Mod Jack * Warranty.

(Speaker Phone feature has minimal volume)

HT878 extension $30each


HT878POH On Hold ready $149

Boost & control the volume of your On Hold Messaging System

Easy as 1-2-3 A-B-C

EX-7 (15W) Amplifier


Play (3) separate On Hold Messages

Assign to your choice of lines

Maximize the impact of your On Hold Messages by targeting the needs of specific departments. One message for sales calls...One message for Service Calls and One for Parts or any combination you choose. (Standard Phone Line required)

AS801 Only $585

Your computer or your favorite audio device can be simply tied into your phone. Compact and simple.

Play or record conversations and messages over the phone as if they were right there with you.

Use it for presentations or to play messages while on hold. Ideal for home businesses to play multiple presentation options.



If you've ever called a movie theater to find out what's playing, you know exactly what this unit does. Simply record your message and callers can hear the entire message at their convenience. It can become your "Information Hotline" for events, conventions, charity functions or simple and comprehensive alerts to industry changes as needed. An awesome tool for Multilevel Marketing Opportunity Announcements. Resturants and Entertainment Clubs can announce specials or venues. It's simple to operate and you've got plenty of recording time to generate an effective announcement. You can record anytime or we can record professional messages for you.



State-of-the-art automatic dialer/order processing system.

This automatic dialer is the most advanced, single line, stand alone system currently available.

Set appointments, inform customers of current events, do surveys and more.

Capable of processing upwards of 1000 calls per day,

With the ability to re-call busies and no answers.

(Standard Phone Line required)

Prices start at


depending on option preferences


Solution Center

These are but a few of the productivity products we offer. If you have an great idea but can't find the equipment or method to implement it, call us.

Chances are, we can find a

Yes-U-Can solution.

To ask is free


May have fees

Telephone manufacturers manipulate known technology to design phones, based on their interpretation of customer needs and desires. The adaptors shown above work with virtually any phone, using a consistant factor ... the star or asteric button to activate. We do have a variety of models for specific phones so please let us know the type of phones you have to help us provide you with the perfect adaptor.

More cool toys to come.....