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Jingle Samples

Music on Hold - -It's not about the music - It's all about you!

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Music ON HOLD makes  HOLD  times seem  shorter  and  a bit more enjoyable,  while projecting a  professional image. 
InPHONEmercialz  give callers   what  they called for ... information,  about you,  through an  entertaining  presentation.
InPHONEmercialz give you the flexibility,  to  cost effectively change your messages to meet current market conditions. 
Music is just the beginning of a  fun and  more productive  experience, as callers enjoy every  "Beyond HOLD"  moment
Please enjoy the music samples below;
Patriotism is always in style. Renew the American Spirit with songs of old we all know and love - at least remember
A Classical Royal Reception in a Technological Age
A moment watching a butterfly fly…
Classic Journey
Stimulating animation of the imagination, orchestrated to momentarily whisk your guests off to a land of adventure
A variety of happy, classical segments that are energetic yet relaxing, intended to promote mental well being
A piano rendition depicting the emotional energy when on the brink of a making a courageous decision
Nostalgic Reflection
An easy going piano rendition with an air of positive reflection
You don’t know why nor do you care … ya just feel happy!
For those who like a happy disco tune …
A simple piano melody with a hint of serenity
Sometimes, you just stop and wonder about stuff
A variety of musically enhanced technical data clips displaying your technologically advanced, progressive attitude
Bound to remind you of your favorite action adventure series theme song
Rockin Energy – Guitars on Fire and toe’s a tappin for the adrenaline junkie
Guitar Wizards on energy drinks… oh yeah … and a drummer